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I kept repeating the unfamiliar self




Video Installation

During the exchanging in Prague, both language and culture were unfamiliar. Without the bond between the native land, there are only simply flesh and body remain, which started the journey of working in action. By the process of action, I started to realize I didn't know much about my body, and there is certain misalignment while manipulating it. 


The video is a repeating simple gesture, trying to achieve the same goal and to create a sound. by memorizing the status of the body and trying to fulfill the expected result. Then compress them into one single movement shown on the video.

I tried to discuss the authenticity of the moving image by repeating a single gesture in a compressed image. Frames are a combination of image and audio. Using the sound of the environment and the acoustic scene, every frame from the gesture are compressed together. I capture a single movement more than a hundred time, selecting a few frames in each of them and combine into one movement. Trying to establish an order of the gesture. At the same time, the misalignment of the body will be revealed. 






Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 08.21.21.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 08.20.51.png
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