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Light Segment



175 x 35 x 30 cm

7 segment light, light stand, angle steel, self-designed PCB board

Teamwork, LLL

Collaborate with 林瑜亮 Lin-Yu-Liang、李翎暄 Li-Ling-Syuan 

我們想像數位時代的流動資訊不斷變動與轉化,⼀一盞接著 ⼀一盞數值的消長,如同數位時代的事件不斷地發⽣生,⼀一件 接著⼀一件,有所預期,卻⼜又無法尋覓其開端,我們以⼤大量量 的倒數數字呈現這樣流動狀狀態的意象。

作品中每⼀一格「像素」中的數字,皆代表畫⾯面光點殘留留的 時間;⾃自 9 開始倒數⾄至光點熄滅的時間。⽽而微觀與綜觀之 間的光影變幻,我們希望營造出遠觀下光影虛幻之間的炫 ⽬目變化。同時在微觀注⽬目下,可以看⾒見見每⼀一個細部的運作。


Imaging dynamic information's movement and flows in the Digital Era. One after another, the numerical increase and decrease. As the events happened in modern time, one after another. Expectable, but at the same time difficult the search for the starting point. We try to mimic this conception with massive numbers counting down.

In the work, people can see every number as a “Pixel” representing the remaining time of the light point—— Countdown from 9 until the extinguish of itself. Between the micro and the overview point, glowing the illuminations of lights and shadows. We expect to present a dazzling light performance in a distance. At the same time, every operation can be seen in detail by a closer look


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