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Take off the clothes



Performance Record

Performer: Ting-Chun Liu

指示: 脫衣服,探索衣服的聲音
Instruction: Take off the clothes, seek from the inner sound 

The piece was performed by the time I was exchanging in AVU, Prague. During the exchanging, I was unfamiliar with all the things happening around me, cultures, languages, even bodies. Then I started working with actions. It was a shock to know how little I knew about the feelings of my own body. 


The weather was cold in Europe, I wore a lot more than I usually was in Taiwan. This started the idea of this performance, I tried to undress in the public, seeking the difference between who I was, who I am, and the audiences on-site. 


Later on, when I was back to Taiwan, I have done the same performance again, trying to figure out in a different context.

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