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Message in a Bottle



Facebook Posts​

What is the nature of posting on Facebook? Sharing, or marking an important moment in life? Some people chose to not showing too much of themselves by posting less, and only "like" the post they are in favor. Some post every single day, mumbling and spreading their thoughts on the social network. In my opinion, there isn't any defined answer. Posts on Facebook shared, post, written day by day, has anyone cared about the content? Do voluminous words or delicate term make any difference on revealing ones thought? Or fulfilling the urge and desire of posting which contents don't matter at all. Tons of words and one single sentence, all end up floating on the ocean of posts. 


I can't help wondering, is there a way to express this unspeakable condition, from a post to narrate the nature of post itself. "Thu 20:58:34" couple words don't mean anything, but hit the target of posting. The exact time of posting recorded on the post, but not the "32 mins ago" default from the system. The post reveals a meaning but at the time being meaningless. 


"Mon 01:56:23" is only a post, the content record the time when it's born. From that exact time, it floats on the ocean of social media, waiting for any someone inadvertently collected. Like the message in a bottle, only but the label is about its birthday. The bottle is pure emptiness when it opened, and the person who collected will find a story to fill the blank. The content is not definite to me, the bottle itself is the status I want to express.




我一直在想,究竟在臉書上發文的意義是什麼?純然的分享、或想在生命中註記特定事件的發生?有些人不想讓外人了解太多的自己,而選擇極少發文,僅只對自己喜愛的貼文按讚。有些人天天發文,如有多不完的話、滴滴答答的噴濺在社群網絡中。在我的想象中,似乎也沒有一個絕對的答案。在臉書上的文章一篇一篇來去、浮光掠影,真的有人注意過其中的內容嗎?長篇大論與短篇簡談,在表述自我的意義上有沒有任何差別?或是其實這一切都是如此一無所謂,重點則停在發文的瞬間與慾望, 所有在臉書貼文大海之上漂流的內容都失了意義。只因有了發文的想法,不需具有發文的內容,千言萬語與一句話的力量在慾望的滿足感上是相同的,都是求得最終在海量的貼文中載浮載沉。


我不禁想像著,能否有個方式去表達一種無以名狀的表述;以一個貼文的形式去訴說「貼文」 這件事本身。 Thu 20:58:34,短短一行字,在貼文當中不具有任何意義,卻同時達成了「貼文」的這項目的。 發文的時間被記錄在文章當中,而不只是臉書內建流動的「32分鐘前」。這篇文章同時具有意義也同時在內文中沒有文字的意義。當有千言萬語想要說,不如說出一席毫無關係意義的話語。

「Mon 01:56:33」僅只是一篇貼文,內文本身註記著自身呱呱墜地的精準時刻。自那時起,它便在網路社群這片汪洋載浮載沉,等待著任何人不經意的拾起。 像一封瓶中信,唯瓶身只註記了生產日期,打開瓶子卻是寂靜的空洞,而拾起的人,便不自覺著尋找著故事或事件來填補那項空洞,但內容物對我始終不是絕對。反而是瓶子本身,才是我意圖去形塑的狀態。說來矯情,我當它是一種浪漫,一種自身在海洋中載浮載沉的浪漫。 每隔一段時間丟出一個瓶子。好似藉由瓶子本身宣示著身在海中之感嘆,卻也不想就此講死,仿佛仍舊享受著漂泊⋯⋯。

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